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Thursday, 14 November 2013

A quest to a healthy me

I named my blog Stew Tulang for my passion to food and I intended to share that passion when I started this blog. My passion to food, cooking and baking caused me to grow bigger and bigger each day. My maximum weight was 89 kg and for a height of 1.55 m that was huge. 

Obesity runs in my family. My mother is huge, my aunties too. Mungkinkah disebabkan genetic atau they just love to eat sebab semua memang masak sedap and involved in food business. We somehow have quite a low metabolic  rate. My abah pernah pesan, jgn jd gemuk lagi, awak tu doktor. Hamba jenis manusia tak reti sgt makan dalam, takat those words tak jalan....

Relay for life 2011, size t-shirt XXL, jalan 1 pusingan pun penat

Mid last year my mom was referred to the surgeon for paraumbilical hernia and she was later send to another surgeon at other hospital who runs obesity clinic. I was there accompanying her for the 1st session and somehow it struck me. Berat satu hal....sakit satu hal....and the most important thing is....mana aci mak hamba sorang jek mengecik....hamba nak mengecik jugak. That was the initial spark of my motivation.

Around the same time, few members of Geng Mesin Jahit (GMJ) started a weight loss challenge. It started with H2O challenge. I was not really determined at that time tapi bila tengok few of them dah makin mengecil, perasaan jeles pun timbul. On 2nd January I started 10 days weight loss challenge bersama few GMjians. We started on Atkin's induction. Siapa menang dpt makan ikan bakar free kat Bellamy. I was really determined at that time and I won the challenge. Loss 4kg+ in 10 days and this time my aim is to be healthy sebab masa pegi teman my mom for follow up, the surgeon said "kurus bukan semata nak cantik tapi sebab nak sihat". Kalau nak cantik motivasi dia tak kuat sebab hamba gemuk ke kurus ker mmg dah perasan cantik (sila muntah hijau). Lebih sedar yang badan tak sihat dan tak fit masa ambil report card my son end of last year, kelas tingkat 4....mencungap panjat tangga. Enough is enough.....i must change my life. Mesti fit.

Last year my hubby mentioned about buying a bicycle but I din't allow him to.....takut jd tukun but this time around, terbakar juga dgn one of the GMJian who started to cycle, I encourage my hubby to buy a bicycle. 5 bicycles actually, 1 for each of us. My elders two dari tak reti naik basikal learn how to within a day sebab nak basikal baru. So that was it, 6th January 2013....my cycling activity started dan telah jatuh cinta sekali lagi. (I enjoyed cycling when I was in primary school and during my matric years). I promise myself to eat healthily and get fit so I can increase my cycling mileage.

Berkayuh di Kepala Batas

I started to join a fellow GMJian (Rozi Rahman) on weekend ride at Putrajaya then joining the Putrajaya Fun Ride. 1st time buat 22km during the fun ride jantung rasa nak pecah. Naik "busut" kecik pun kena turun dan tolak. A GMJian (Ida Sumie) and I were among the last cyclist to arrive.....sampai segan dengan marshall yg accompany us until the finishing line. But I was proud of myself sebab tak mengalah. That was Ida last ride for this year sebab she found herself pregnant soon after that (after 10 yrs of secondary infertility)....might be due to her weight loss and increased physical activities. 

Ride with GMJ

By end of May I weighed 76kg. I didn't take any weight loss product (Protein shake Jenama X pernah mengganggu sistem immuniti En.Suami and gave him nephrotic syndrome). I count calories with occasional cheat day. Minum air kosong, teh o n kopi o kosong jugak. I started to go to the gym twice a week on June to do some strength training. By Ramadhan I shed off few more kgs and inches but ruin it during Syawal. Dah nama pun raya.....makan versi hari raya lar....every week open house. 

Raya last year and this year.

On September I joined the 40km Ride for Syria. It was my 1st. By that time my fitness level was much better than my 1st 22km ride. With the folding bike I manage to finish the ride. Now that I own a road bike, 40km is not as hard. Dalam hati dah bersedia utk mencabar diri to go further. Mencari masa.......

Riding Mr. Jam, size t-shirt L

I want a healthy me.

* i recently met a lady in her 50s and she joined Century Ride....#malupadadirisendiri

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